Simplicity Crib Recalled After 8 Month Old Dies in Crib


The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission reported recently that it was mandating a recall of 400,000 cribs. It has been determined that these cribs presented a health hazard to babies due to the risks of suffocation. The drop down side of the crib was defective and created an area where a baby’s head could get stuck between the mattress and the drop down side. Tragically, an 8 month old baby from Houston, Texas was a victim of such a defect and died as a result of the poorly designed crib. The manufacturer of the crib, Simplicity, may not be in operating any longer according to news reports. If you have a Simplicity Crib, contact the store where it was purchased or the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for more information. You can read more about this story at Crib Recalled Due to Defect – Danger of Suffocation to Babies.