Sidewalks Can Be Dangerous in Busy Cities: Watch Out for Cars Plowing into Pedestrians


Sidewalks can be dangerous in busy cities. In New York, a series of accidents caused injuries to several people who were minding their own business walking on the sidewalks. Cars veered from the roadway and hit pedestrians on the sidewalk. It is impossible to predict such an accident. However, it shows that people should be alert to the dangers of bad drivers even when they are safely on the sidewalk. You can read more about these accidents in an USA Today article – Car Hits NYC Pedestrians for 4th Time in New York.

In Florida, roadways in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami can be quite crowded. In some sidewalk accidents, alcohol plays a factor in the accident. If a person gets behind a wheel after drinking and plows over pedestrians in a sidewalk, that person will be subject to punitive damages in the civil case as well as criminal charges in a criminal case. There is no excuse whatsoever for such conduct especially when the victim is an innocent child.

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