Should I Pursue a Claim for My Child’s Personal Injuries Suffered at a Florida Day Care Center?


In Florida, children unfortunately suffer injuries in day care centers, playgrounds, classrooms, field trips, and other locations. Many such accidents and injuries are preventable with better supervision and maintenance of the equipment in the day care center. When a child suffers an injury at a Florida day care center, the case or claim can be complicated. There are often times a myriad of difficult issues to deal with for the parent of the injured child. These may include: medical bills, medical treatment, insurance, policies and procedures, State regulations, and other matters. Because of the complexities of the issues involved in a day care center injury case, it is often times helpful to retain the services of a Florida child injury attorney for advice, consultation, and legal representation. A Florida personal injury attorney can assist the parent and family with an investigation, review of the records, interpretation of laws, and applicability of insurance benefits.

Parents facing the issues and challenges associated with a day care center injury often asked themselves the question – – should I pursue a claim for injuries due to the day care center incident? This is an excellent question that is not always easily answered. Each case and claim must be evaluated at some facts and circumstances.

If a child suffered injuries that were preventable and caused by inadequate supervision or the inadequate maintenance of the facility, a parent can pursue a claim or case for damages, bills, pain, and suffering on behalf of the injured child. The book titled – Florida Day Care Center Injuries – Building Blocks of Knowledge for Parents – has chapters on Outdoor Facilities, Playgrounds, Indoor Facilities, Record Keeping, Emergency Procedures and other topics. This book can be obtained for free at Florida Day Care Center Injuries. While the book is no substitute for legal advice, the book has some valuable information about the basics of a day care injury case and the applicable Florida regulations.

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