Should Florida Ban Texting While Driving?


With more and more accidents being caused by distracted driving, some legislators and safety advocates in the State of Florida are strongly advocating for a ban on texting while driving. While there is no formal law in place at this time banning texting while driving in the State of Florida, a person may still be held liable for an accident if the driver was negligent. Furthermore, if the driver was reckless, criminal charges can be pursued.

It should be noted that the lack of legislation or laws banning certain acts does not mean that the acts should be continued. Distracted driving is causing more and more injuries as well as wrongful deaths on Florida roads and highways.

In Jacksonville (Duval County) Florida, it was reported that the number of automobile accident related deaths rose from 69 to 98 in 2011. The increase in vehicular deaths may be related, in part, to increased distracted driving due to mobile phone use, web browsing, and, yes, text messaging. You can read more about this topics at Risks and Dangers of Texting – Distracted Driving in Florida.

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