Shooting at Jacksonville, Florida Club (Teen Party) Leads to a Death and Personal Injuries


Following an altercation at a teen party at Club Menage in Jacksonville, Florida, three juveniles were shot – one fatally. According to Lt. Larry Schmitt, two of the victims were female. One female was treated and released at the scene while the other was transported to Shands Jacksonville with non-life threatening injuries. The other victim, who was fatally shot, was a male.

The shots were the result of an altercation outside Club Menage, a club that hosts teen parties for teenagers between the ages of 13 to 18. According to Schmitt, it appeared the boy who was fatally shot was involved in the altercation that continued outside of the club. The boys fatality becomes at least the 70th recorded homicide in Jacksonville, Florida (Duval County) for the year. If you would like to read more on this story please see 3 juveniles shot, one fatally, outside of Jacksonville, Florida club.

This boy’s death is a tragedy for his family and community. A person who has killed or seriously injured another minor destroys two lives – the victim’s and his or her own life. Parents and guardians should teach their child that violence is never the answer.

If there is a history of altercation or violence in or around a club, the management of the club should then take action to better secure the areas in and around the club. This includes security patrols, the use of off duty police officers, and good lighting in and outside the club.

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