Sharing Florida Roads with Bicyclists – Is It Legal for Cars to Use the Bike Lane for Passing?


According to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), a bicycle lane is defined as “a portion of a roadway (either with curb and gutter or a flush shoulder) which has been designated by striping, special pavement markings, and signing for the preferential use by bicyclists.” Since bike lanes are a relatively new phenomenon, some drivers are unsure of the driving laws surrounding them. Because both adults and children can ride their bikes in designated bicycle lanes, drivers should use caution and make sure they know the rules of the road.

Florida Statute 316.084 applies to cars passing on the right. The conditions under which passing on the right is allowed are as follows:

• When the passed vehicle has stopped and is indicating a left turn;

• When there is unobstructed pavement available of an appropriate width for a
motor vehicle, including one-way streets; or

• When the act of passing the other car may be done safely.

You can read a more in depth analysis of the Florida law as it pertains to cars driving in the bicycle lane at Passing on the Right Using a Bike Lane.

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