Shalimar, Florida – Prosecutors Say Sentence is Not Harsh Enough For Mother (Jennifer D’Silva) Who Left Child in Car Seat Overnight


Twenty one year old Jennifer D’Silva was convicted of leaving her infant alone in a car seat all night. Okaloosa County Cirtcuit Judge Thomas Remington gave Ms. D’Silva a two year suspended sentence. But prosecutors are not happy with the sentence; they had asked the judge for ten years in prison for Ms. D’Silva. The Florida State Attorney’s Office has decided to appeal the sentence. Ms. D’Silva’s lawyer has said that he is “disappointed” in the decision to appeal. He points out that Ms. D’Silva has shown her remorse by giving up custody of the child and by undergoing tubal ligation to prevent further pregnancies. She is also attending college in an effort to turn her life around.

Stories of parents, bus drivers, and other caretakers forgetting children and leaving them alone in car seats have become all too common. Leaving small children in a vehicle unattended for any reason is unacceptable and dangerous. In addition to the dangers created by unusually hot or cold weather, children are at risk for other injuries, wandering away, and abduction when left in a vehicle. Parents and other caregivers need to take the simple precaution of always checking the car seat before leaving their vehicle – whether they think a child is in it or not.

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