Shaken Baby Syndrome Crime Leads to Long Prison Sentence for Jacksonville Florida Father

43-year-old Marshall Dale Cole IV, of Jacksonville, Florida, was sentenced to 35 years in prison in the death of his infant son. Cole was convicted in February 2011 of second-degree murder for shaking his infant son to death. 3-month-old Marcus was hospitalized in March 2009 and died a few days after his hospitalization. According to an investigation by the medical examiner, the baby had been shaken. Also, the arrest report stated Cole was alone with his infant son for at least 30 minutes before the child stopped breathing. For more read Jacksonville, FL father sentenced to 35 years in prison after death of 3-month-old son.

The safety and well being of a child under the care of a parent, friend, neighbor, teacher, or day care provider should take precedence over all other matters. Keep children safe and it should be repeated – never – ever shake a child.