Shaken Baby Syndrome Case – Father Charged Again When Child Dies 19 Years Later


Shaken Baby Syndrome injuries can last a lifetime and even result in the death of a child immediately. In some cases, the child survives only to live a life challenged by brain damage resulting from Shaken Baby Syndrome. In the case of Christina Welch, she survived for 19 years with severe brain damage from being shaken by her father when she was just two months ago. When she died, an autopsy determined that Christina died from complications from severe brain damage / Shaken Baby Syndrome. Thereafter, the father was charged with her death. He later pled no contest to charges of Second Degree Murder and was issued a 15 year prison sentence. The father initially (19 years ago) received a 1 year prison term. When Christina died, the case was re-opened and charges were brought for her wrongful death.

Parents, child care providers, teachers, and others involved with the supervision and care of children should pay close attention to stories like this one. One bad act or incident can lead to years of disability and suffering by a child. You can read more about this story at Father Guilty Again When Child Dies Two Decades Later.