Sexual Battery Case in St. Johns County – Babysitters, Day Care, and Schools


The St. Johns County Sheriff’s office recently arrested James Eugene Whaley, Jr. for sexual battery on a child. Mr. Whaley was arrested after the victim’s 8 year old brother stepped up and reported the matter to a family friend. Mr. Whaley was given a place to stay by the victim’s father. This case shows the dangers of leaving your children with a stranger or with a person who you do not know very well. It is unknown if Mr. Whaley had a prior record of sexual assaults on children. Mr. Whaley who is only 21 years old faces a long time behind bars for his actions if this case is successfully prosecuted. You can read more about this disturbing story at Babysitter Faces Sexual Battery Charges.

Sexual battery on children take place in a number of settings in the State of Florida including day care centers, schools, summer camps, churches, and community centers. Pursuing a civil case against an individual or business for a child injury caused by sexual abuse / battery is not always an easy task since many insurance policies do not cover the intentional criminal acts of another person. There is, however, a way around this by alleging there was negligence on the part of the day care center, school, or church for the failure to complete a background check, failure to supervise, and / or the negligent hiring or retention of the employee. If your child has been the victim of child abuse or neglect in a day care center, school, or church, contact a Florida Child Injury Lawyer for advice.