Sexting Teen Faces Criminal Charges for Blast of Nude Photos of Former Girlfriend


Technology and pranks can lead to serious criminal charges that can follow a person for many years or even a life time. Phillip Albert learned this lesson well when he was 18 years old. Phillip got in an argument with a former girlfriend who supposedly taunted Phillip. As revenge, Phillip sent an e mail with nude photographs of the 16 year old former girlfriend to 70 people including the girl’s parents, grandparents, and teachers. Because of these crimes, Phillip had to register as a sex offender and is serving a 5 year term of probation. The sex offender label will apply to Phillip until at least the age of of 43. As such, Phillip will be tagged as a sex offender for the next 20 years or so. The ramifications of this label and these crimes are quite widespread for Phillip. He will be prevented from getting certain jobs especially those involving the supervision or teaching of children in many institutions. It probably will affect his personal life as well. He has been given a label that he will have to deal with and explain to others well into the future.

A lesson or two can be learned from the Phillip Albert incident:

1. Avoid getting any of nude or compromising photos taken by boyfriends, girlfriends or anyone else. Someone you love and trust today can easy turn into someone you hate and distrust in the future.

2. If you cannot get along with a former girlfriend or boyfriend, try to avoid them.

3. Don’t use the Internet or anything else for revenge. This especially rings true when the revenge is a crime and involves pornography of any nature.

4. Stupid acts when you are young can affect you when you are older. Don’t do them. If you think or suspect that an act if wrong, just don’t do it.

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