Sexting Investigation Leads to Middle School Teacher’s Resignation


Miguel Ventura, a 32-year-old middle school teacher of Seminole County, Florida, resigned just as the school district moved to fire him. Ventura admitted to the exchange of 956 “inappropriate, sexually charged, sexually explicit” text messages with a former student. This is not Ventura’s first incident regarding inappropriate behavior with his students; he has been reprimanded in both Seminole and Orange County schools for inappropriate behavior and communication with students.

After the school district was notified by a concerned parent, though not a parent of the girl Ventura was texting, about the text messages, the district conducted an investigation. The investigation led district to discover the exchange of 956 messages in 22 days. Ventura initiated the contact with student, who remains a student in Seminole County, and texted during school hours and at night.

The Seminole County’s Sheriff’s Office will also be conducting its own investigation and information about Ventura’s actions will be sent to the Florida Department of Education. The FDE (The Florida Department of Education) could take action against Ventura’s teaching certificate. Although there was an incident with Ventura fraternizing with students in Orange County back in 2003, Seminole officials were unaware of the incident by the time they hired him. However, under new Florida law disclosure is required for these types of reprimands. If you would like to read more on this incident please see Middle school teacher in Seminole County, Florida resigns after admitting to sending sexually charged text messages to a student.

Adults who take advantage of minors are depraved in every sense of the word. If you suspect someone is the victim of sexual abuse please contact local officials so an investigation and be initiated as soon as possible.

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