Strategy for Dealing with Sex Offenders In Your Neighborhood – Open Up a Day Care Center


In Florida and other States, probation offers and state authorities monitored the activities and residences of sex offenders / predators. There are real concerns when a sex offender / predator moves near a school or day care center. Parents and residents are becoming more sophisticated and aware of where sex offenders / predators are living. Some released convicts move into society without ever re-offending. While others are bound to and often times commit crimes against others and children over and over again. Parents are and should be concerned about where sex offenders / predators live. A group of residents in the Orlando area were concerned by the fact that sex offenders / predators lived in or near their neighborhood. As such, some parents have applied for a license to set up or build a day care center. The plan is to get the license approved and then to have law enforcement authorities come in and require sex offenders / predators to move into a different area. Will this plan work? Time will tell. While not attempting to defend sex offenders or predators at all, there is a real issue as follows:

Where should sex offenders / predators reside?

How do residency requirements / restriction laws hold up against home ownership rights and other civil rights of sex offenders / predators?

What is the role of the city, county, state with respect to these issues?

What laws are constitutional as to these issues?

You can read more about the efforts by Florida residents to set up a day care center to drive out sex offenders at Day Care Center Planned for Orlando Area Neighborhood.