Seven Year Old on Bicycle Hit by Pick Up Truck – FHP Arrests Merritt Island Man


In Florida, children can be seen in every community riding their bicycles. Whether near schools, parks, homes, or commercial areas, there are many bicyclists including children bicyclists out there. Unfortunately and tragically, some children suffer serious personal injuries and death every year in Florida and other States that result from being hit by a vehicle while riding a bicycle. While helmets and other bicycle safety can help reduce the incidence and severity of an automobile / bicycle accident, a child on a bicycle that is hit by a car often times is left with a serious permanent personal injury. In some cases, a child is hit by a motorist and the driver flees the scene of the accident. The Orlando Sentinel reported an accident involving a 7 year old boy (Maximillian Guerra) of Merritt Island who was hit by a driver who fled the scene of the accident. Rather than stay to render assistance to the injured child, the driver (Bryan Berka) fled the scene but was later arrested by the Florida Highway Patrol after Berka admitted to that he hit the child and left the scene of the accident. While it appears from the news report that Mr. Berka will have an uphill battle defending himself against these criminal charges, Mr. Berka will still be entitled to representation from a Florida criminal defense attorney or the public defender’s office. For more information on this story, see Man Struck 7 Year Old Boy on Bike – Fled in Pickup Truck According to Florida Highway Patrol.

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