Sesame Street Teaches Small Children About the Problems and Dangers of Bullying


In Florida and in other states, there is a problem with bullying in day care centers, schools, playgrounds and other locations. Unfortunately, the extent of bullyinng has even reached the youngest of children in a social or school setting.
Because bullying can be present even with the youngest of children, age, it is helpful to teach children right from wrong, good from bad, and acceptable behavior versus unacceptable behavior. Sesame Street is a long time running children show that first aired on PBS in the 1960s. The CNN Website recently posted a story about a Sesame Street video on the subject of bullying. This educational video teaches children that bullying is wrong and how to handle or respond to the taunts, teases, and bad acts of a bully.

Unfortunately, children suffer personal injuries, both emotionally and physically as a result of bullying in day care centers, preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. Many bullying incidents could’ve been prevented with more hands-on supervision and intervention by parents teachers, coaches and other school officials. Do your part by teaching your children about the dangers and problems with bullying. Don’t tolerate bullying.

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