Selecting a Day Care Center – Factors for Parents to Consider


Shocking allegations and charges against day care providers may be enough to alarm parents about the potential dangers of day care centers. However, Childcare Resources based out of Birmingham, Alabama, notes that preparation is key to ensuring your child is placed in a safe learning environment.

A great way parents can give themselves a piece of mind is to do their own homework and research on prospective day care centers before settling on one. Also, while researching specific day care facilities, parents should make several unannounced visits at the facility during different hours of the workday. Another good tactic for parents to employ is to question other parents, who have their children enrolled in the day care center to determine. Other parents can provide their insight and honest opinions about the day care center including the center’s strengths and weaknesses.
Most importantly, parents should take time to speak with the teacher, director and/or provider directly. Ask typical questions to learn their approach to children such as, “Why are they in this job? Why did they choose this career path?” Parents should also ask a few personal questions in order to learn a little bit about teacher, director, and child care provider. If you would like to read more on this topic please see Factors on picking the perfect day care center for your child.