Seat Belts and Safety on Florida School Buses


Parents often question the safety of buses carrying Florida children to school, summer camp, and on field trips. The safety of school buses is especially at issue when a child suffers personal injuries as a result of a bus / automobile accident in Florida.

Why aren’t seat belts placed on school buses? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Web Site, this very issue is addressed as follows:

Why No Safety Belts?
On school buses, occupant protection is provided by “compartmentalization,” not safety belts. Compartmentalization is the name for the protective envelope created by strong, closely-spaced seats that have energy-absorbing high seat backs that protect occupants in the event of a crash.

School buses also have other features that contribute to the high level of safety they provide each occupant. Features such as emergency exits, roof structure, fuel systems, and body joint strength make the bus stronger, larger, heavier, and safer than most other vehicles on the road today.

Personally, I believe that safety belts can be installed for further safety. Then again, if there is a bus accident, this may make it more difficult for children to exit the bus.

Another safety feature that should be utilized on every school bus is “supervision”. Teachers, assistants, and drivers should do their best to insure that each child is seated and safe. Unruly children and bullies should be kept in check. Give them an inch and they will take a mile.

If there is a question about a school bus or other personal injury to a child, it is helpful to have the advice, guidance and representation of a Florida child personal injury lawyer.