Florida Schools Are Reinventing Recess for Safety Measures

As a child, I loved recess and some of the classic games played at recess which included tag, Red Rover, King of the Mountain, and the Merry Go Round. Unfortunately, bigger and rough kids often times make these innocent games too rough to continue.


Rough play can turn the school yard into a serious personal injury zone to Florida children.

Equipment such as swings, teeter tooters, and Merry Go Rounds have been removed from some playgrounds due to safety concerns. Games like tag and Red Rover have been discontinued since smaller children have been seriously injured by bigger children. The Dallas Morning News newspaper published an interesting article on this topic which can be viewed by clicking here.

Supervision is still key to playground safety. Kids will still be kids during recess. If you do not supervise them, trouble will happen. It is far easier to remove the Merry Go Round from the playground than the troublemaker and the bully.

If you feel that there are safety issues at school or a playground, contact the school administration, the local school board like the Duval County School Board or the St. Johns County School Board, and / or a Jacksonville Florida Personal Injury Lawyer.

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