Florida School Safety – Don’t Bring Steak Knives to School

Florida schools do not permit children to bring weapons into to the school. Some children bring in home prepared meals and from time to time bring knives in to cut their food – – bad idea.


An innocent thing like bringing in a kitchen utensil can get the student suspended, expelled, and yes arrested. In Ocala, Florida, a 10 year old girl faces felony charges after she brought in a kitchen knife to cut up her lunch. Teachers confiscated the knife and called the police. The student was taken to the Juvenile Detention Center. The student’s unclce made this statement, “We do understand there needs to be measures taken to make sure people don’t come to school with weapons in light of what has happened at schools over the past years, he said. “But she’s a really good kid. She was crying her eyes out.”

It appears that schools will not distinguish between a tool and a weapon. If the student used the knife, another student could have grabbed the knife and harmed someone. Do not send your child to school with a knife.

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