School Crossing Guards Are Important for Child Safety (Congratulations Donna Hoffman – Crossing Guard of the Year)


Every school day, school crossing guards like Donna Hoffman are out in force in Jacksonville, Florida and other cities across the State of Florida. Crossing Guards work limited hours and are paid by the hour at a modest rate. Even with the limited benefits of the job, many concerned and dedicated residents take on these jobs that perform such an important function in our community. The safety of our children is vital. Crossing guards make a presence every day in their brightly colored uniforms and activities at busy intersections at and near school zones. Donna Hoffman is a dedicated school crossing guard in Jacksonville, Florida. She knows that the job is important and takes her responsibilities very seriously. Donna states that “there’s dos and don’ts” when performing duties as a school crossing guard. Donna has been named School Crossing Guard of the Year for her dedication to the job and safety of children. You can read more about Donna Hoffman and details about being a school crossing guard at Crossing Guard of the Year – Donna Hoffman.