School Bus Driver in Jacksonville, Florida Punches Andrew Jackson High School Student


School bus drivers have a duty to maintain control on the bus. This not only applies to the school bus driver’s driving but also to the school bus driver’s behavior and temper as well. Recently, a fight broke out on a school bus at Andrew Jackson High School. The school bus driver was speaking to another official about removing a student off the bus. At that point in time, the student began swearing at the school bus driver. At this point in time, there was some kind of contact between the student and the school bus driver.

There is a dispute as to the facts regarding this incident.

Did the school bus driver hit the student?

Did the school bus driver grab the student?

Was the school bus driver acting in self defense or in anger?

What were the injuries sustained by the student?

Which students were engaged in fighting or poor behavior on the bus?

Of course, the school bus driver has a right to legally or administratively defend herself on this matter if action is taken by the Duval County School Board or the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

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