School Bus Crash in Bonita Springs, Florida Leads to Arrest of Driver Who Rear Ended School Bus


In Florida, children are transported to and from schools every day. It is important for drivers to be careful anytime that there is a school bus on the roadway. It is and should be well known that school buses make frequent stops and that children often times need to cross streets after exiting a school bus. In addition, children are at risk for injuries on school bus when there is an accident. In Bonita Springs, Florida, an accident was reported. The incident involved a 19 year old driver who crashed / rear ended the school bus. The car was actually wedged under the school bus as a result of the crash. The driver was later arrested and charged with DUI.

Of course, the driver will be entitled to representation in the criminal case by a public defender or a private attorney. However the criminal case works out, it is important for all drivers to be careful when driving on the roadways and be on the look out for school buses and child pedestrians. You can read more about this story at Driver Arrested Following Bonita Springs School Bus Crash.