Savvy Investigators Lead to Arrest of Child Pornography Suspect in Orange Park, Florida


Savvy investigators pieced together photographic / video evidence that lead to the arrest of a David A. Diehl, age 48, in Orange Park, Florida. The investigation centered around videos made of the molestation of a 9 year old girl in a tent. The video was evidence in other criminal cases for child pornography. Now, investigators believe that they have the man who made the child pornography videos. One piece of evidence was a novelty $1 Million Bill. Investigators traced this bill back to the Star Ranch, a nudist club in Texas. Investigators then conducted interviews which helped identify the girl who was in the video. Thereafter, the girl was interviewed. The girl finally broke her silence and recounted the horrible events that took place in the tent.

Children should be cared for and protected and not subjected to the selfish and horribly aggressive and violent acts of child predators and sexual offenders. You can read more about this story at Arrest Made of Alleged Child Pornographer in Orange Park, Florida.

Of course, Mr. Diehl will be entitled to legal representation by a criminal defense attorney. The evidence will be closely analyzed by each side in making the decision on a plea deal or to take the case to a jury trial.