Safety Tips from Emergency Room Physicians Regarding Playground Injuries


Summer time is a great time to be outdoors and take your children to area parks or playgrounds. Playgrounds are a great way to stay active and have fun, however, the nation’s emergency physicians urge parents to be attentive in order for their children to avoid sustaining a playground injury. Generally, playground injuries are only minor, involving a small cut or scrape, but there are sometime playground injuries can be much more serious. Emergency physicians see more than 200,000 children per year who sustained a playground injury to the head, neck and spinal cord or suffer from internal bleeding or strangulation.

An article published by PR Newswire suggested some tips parents can use to prevent playground injuries:

1. Closely supervise your children, whether they are young or old.
2. Inspect the playground facility to ensure it is properly maintained. – Are any pieces of equipment broken? Is the playground equipment surrounded by adequate cushioning?
3. Make sure the playground equipment is age appropriate. – Some equipment is meant for older children.
4. Older children should play at a distance from younger children, this keeps older children from injuring children who are physically smaller.
5. Do not let your children wear articles of clothing that have hoods or strings on them. – Wearing this type of clothing while playing on playground equipment increases the risk of choking hazards.
6. Teach your children to follow the safety rules of the playground.

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