Safety Tips for Young Children and Teens Online -Help Your Kids Make Smart Decisions


Computers and technology have made our world a better place in most instances. Unfortunately, many children and adults have misused computers and technology which in turn have harmed other children. As parents and caregivers, we need to be diligent to teach our children the proper use of computers, internet, e mail, and online services and programs. Proper education can help protect your children from Cyber bullying, child predators and sex offenders, pornography, unapproved purchases, and many other issues that have come into our homes via the portal of the internet. Children love My Space, Facebook and other online social networks. Unfortunately, these online communities have their own share of problems as well. I found a very good web site that contains many valuable articles and posts called With more and more children accessing the Internet at home, school, and friend’s houses, it makes sense to read up and educate yourself on how to educate your children. While chatting to someone online may appear to be harmless, this kind of attitude has led in some instances to horrible consequences. Be smart. Be safe.

As a Florida Child Injury Attorney / Lawyer, it is my responsibility to represent injured children who have been harmed as a result of the negligent or intentional actions of others. I feel that it is also my responsibility to share my knowledge and experience with others so as to prevent injuries to children. Education, knowledge, and adult supervision can go a long way to protecting our children online, in our homes, and in the community.

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