Safety Tips For Parents, Caregivers and Other – Water and Swimming Safety for Children


Swimming pools, water theme parks, and other water ways can be great fun for children over the summer and during warm weather months. These areas can also be areas of great risks and danger for children. It is paramount that child safety is top of mind. Here are some key safety tips to follow:

Supervision. Consistent supervision can and does help avoid personal injuries related to drownings. Supervise your child so that you can your child easily and quickly should there be a problem. Supervision at a great distance can lead to serious problems for the child in need of quick help.

Clothing. Have your child wear bathing suits that are bright in color and that help cover the child to help reduce the amount of sun exposure the child.

Buddy System. Make sure that your child always swims with a buddy and that the buddies have adult supervision when necessary.

For more water safety tips, see Tips to Protect Children Around Water.