Safety Tips for Parents and Young Athletes – How to Avoid or Prevent Injuries


Organized, school sports are just around the corner. It is our job as parents, coaches, teachers, guardians, etc. to ensure are children are in good health in order to reduce the risk or injury. According to Dr. Peter Indelicato, chief of the division of sports medicine in the University of Florida College of Medicine’s orthopedics department, the best way to keep children in the game for life is to warn young athletes and their parents to play it safe.

Youth sports-related injuries are reaching all-time high numbers. And, among middle and high school students the main cause of injury is overuse. The most common injuries in young athletes typically include strains, sprains and bruising.

Any young person interested in playing sports needs to have a physical examination before he or she is certified to play. The exam is a good time for parents and the young athlete to ask about any specific issues related to potential injuries.

Parents should also educate themselves of who will be educating and coaching their children, understand their child’s school policy regarding sports-related injuries and the coaches educational background and certification. If you would like to read more on this topic see Keep children safe during organized sports.