Safety Tip for Parents and Drivers – Safety Secure Child Seats in Vehicles


Child seats can save lives and prevent serious personal injuries to children. Having a child car seat in place is just one safety measures among several that need to be correctly in place to effectively protect children. The car seat must be properly placed and fastened. Safety harnesses from the seat need to be adjusted to make sure that the child is optimally secured in the seat as well In Wisconsin, a toddler recently was ejected from a Jeep while in his car seat. There was a witness to this accident. The witness reported that he saw the child fly out of the Jeep while still in the car seat. This incident certainly could have resulted in serious personal injuries and even the death of this 2 year old child. Miraculously, the child did not sustain any life threatening or serious personal injuries a a result of this incident. This story shows the importance of checking and double checking the placement and installation of child seats. You can read more about this story at Wisconsin Toddler Avoids Serious Personal Injuries After Flying Out of Jeep.