Safety Should Come First for Children Over the Summer to Help Prevent Child Personal Injuries


In Florida, the summer months are a time for children to play, exercise, enjoy friends and their time off from school. However, with the increasing temperatures comes increasing childhood personal injuries. Many children sustain personal injuries while engaging in summer activities. However, a lot of these childhood personal injuries are preventable. Experts recommend beginning the summer months with a family meeting, addressing the importance of safety while playing outside. It is also recommended that families keep a medical safety kit on hand and accessible at all times.

Below is a list of Basic Summer Safety Tips:

1. SPF. Doctors suggest adults apply sunscreen on children, adults should use SPF of 45 or greater. Children should also take frequent breaks and stay hydrated during the high-heat temperatures.

2. In the Water. Although swim lessons are important, having them does not mean your children are adequately prepared to swim without constant, direct adult supervision.

3. Backyard Dangers. Trampolines seem to be the cause of many backyard childhood personal injuries. Parents should set up ground rules with their children concerning the trampoline. Trampolines should also be surrounded with fencing or other protective bordering. The trampolines should be situated away from any structures to discourage children from jumping off the trampoline onto other play equipment.

4. Outside Transportation. Children love to ride their bicycles, scooters, mopeds, etc. during the summer. However, parents should never let their children leave the house without wearing a helmet. Ensuring your child wears a helmet will ensure he or she makes the habit of always wearing a helmet while riding their bicycle or scooter.

For more tips see Basic Summer Safety Tips. Families who utilize these safety tips can prevent many childhood personal injuries their children are exposed to during these fun, yet potentially dangerous, summer months.

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