What Safety Measures Should Child Care Providers, Babysitters, Summer Camps, and Day Care Centers Take to Protect Children and Toddlers from Drowning Incidents?

Drowning-Prevention-Tips-150x150In the summer throughout the United States, there is a common risk in just about every neighborhood – the risk of drowning.  It is important that all child care providers including babysitters, day care centers, child care centers, schools, and summer camps have a plan in place for the proper supervision of children any time that there is a swimming pool accessible to the child and anytime that there are aquatic or boating related activities.

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Drowning is more common than we would like to admit, in fact, for children between the ages of one and fourteen it is the second leading cause of death. Because of the increased risk these children face, it is important for parents, neighbors, friends, relatives, schools, summer camps, day care centers and all others in charge of supervising a child in or near a swimming pool or other water way to keep the certain tips and concepts in mind.

It is best for parents to always be aware while their child is in or around a pool. If you are supervising a child in preschool you should be in arms reach always. You should not be involved in any other activates that could take your attention away from the children or child you are supervising. Some of the activities include reading, talking on the phone, and working in the backyard. Most importantly, you should never consume alcohol while supervising a child.

Swimming is an important skill your children should learn, in fact, formal swimming lessons reduces the risk of drowning in young children. In addition to learning to swim, it is helpful for children to wear life jackets. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers some insight when it comes to water safety and life jackets. According to studies and statistics, Life jackets could potentially prevent half of all boating deaths.  The CDC also notes that air-filled and foam toys, “water wings”, “noodles”, inner tubes, and the like are not safety devices. Along with these precautions it is important, as a supervisor or child care provider, to learn Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation which is more commonly known as CPR.

All swimming pool owners and operators should install a fence around your swimming pool. This simple preventative measure will help reduce the number of drownings resulting from a child wandering into a swimming pool area when he or she is not supposed to be in the area.

These tips can reduce the risk children face of becoming another victim of drowning. Make sure your child is prepared for water, with the knowledge of floating and swimming, and a life jacket. Learn CPR, child proof your pools, and always pay very close attention to a child near water. That bears repeating for all child care providers, PAY VERY CLOSE ATTENTION TO A CHILD NEAR WATER.

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