Roadside Memorial for 7 Year Old Girl (Alana Smith) Set on Fire


When a child suffers an untimely death due to an automobile accident, trucking accident or other incident, it is an extremely traumatic event for parents, grandparents and extended family members. In Vero Beach, Florida, Alana Smith, age 7, died in an automobile accident when her grandmother reportedly failed to stop at a stop sign. Friends of the family thereafter erected a memorial for the child and family which was later set on fire by an unknown person or event. Efforts to rebuild the memorial were taken soon after it was reported that the memorial was ruined or damaged by fire.

I support memorials for children and others who have been the victims of an automobile accident in the State of Florida. Children are the unfortunate and innocent victims of automobile accidents. Hopefully, through memorials, support of family, friends, and community, the family of Alana Smith will get some peace and comfort through this very trying and traumatic ordeal. You can read more about the memorial for Alana Smith at Florida Roadside Memorial Set on Fire.