Riding in the Back of a Pick Up Truck Can Lead to Injuries and Death in Jacksonville, Florida


Dana Treen, a reporter with the Jacksonville Times Union Newspaper Web Site, reported on a number of automobile accidents andtrucking accidents on the Web Site. One involved Jason Tripp, age 28, who fell from the back of a pick up truck on West Beaver Street in Jacksonville, Florida. A homicide investigation and report will be completed by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. The driver of the truck did not realize that Mr. Tripp had fallen out of the truck until he reached his destination 1 mile later.

While riding in a pick up may be an American or Southern Tradition, it is also a bad and dangerous activity that can and does lead to tragedy. This is especially true for children. The beds of pick up trucks are meant for equipment, trash, and other objects that are properly secured. The beds of pick up trucks are not good for the transportation of adults or children. See Accident Reports and Injuries Reported by Dana Treen at the Jacksonville Times Union Web Site.