Review of Anti-Hazing Rules Delayed – Investigation Into Alleged Acts of Hazing


Following the recent death of Robert Champion and the recent reports of other hazing incidents, FAMU had plans to review the anti-Hazing rules in place for the university. This review has been postponed at this time. FAMU and investigators have their hands full investigating the circumstances surroundind the death of Robert Champion. Furthermore, investigators and university officials are also busy fielding other complaints and reports of hazing involving the FAMU Marching 100. Following the death of Robert Champion, it was reported by the Associated Press thatt four students were dismissed from FAMU but details were not released as the reasons or circumstances involving the dismissal of these FAMU students. See FAMU Postpones Review of Anti-Hazing Rules.

Hazing unfortunately had a tradition at FAMU. It is also seen at other college bands, teams, fraternities, and clubs. Hazing typically involving physical and mental abuse of a recruit or applicant. Good judgment is lacking in many acts of hazing and the hazing results in serious personal injury, mental anguish, and, in some cases, death.

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