Rape of 9 Year Old Reported in Orange County Florida


In Orange County, Florida, a terrible crime was reported. Orange County Deputy Sheriff’s reported that a 9 year old girl was raped by a 64 year old man at his Pine Hills apartment. The girl’s family reported the rape to the sheriff’s office who then proceeded to investigate the incident. The police report stated that the man (Maurice Smith) offered fruit to the girl and then invited the girl to his apartment. According to police, Mr. Smith admitted to the incident and to knowing the girl’s age. Mr. Smith was charged with sexual battery and kidnapping charges. Mr. Smith will be entitled to be represented by a Florida criminal defense attorney or a Florida Assistant Public Defender.

The assault and attack on a little girl is certainly a heinous act that can and does result in serious criminal penalties and sentences. See Rape of 9 Year Old Girl Reported at Pine Hills Apartment Complex.

Many incidents of sexual assault and battery on a child go unreported. In the above case, the girl told her brother who then told his parents. Unfortunately, there are many people out there who prey on and victimize children.

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