Dangers of Hot Tubs – Children At Risk for Drowning, Death, and Personal Injuries


Some common household areas may seem harmless to children when these areas pose a real and present danger to the safety of children. Hot tubs are the unfortunate locations for many children across the nation. One sad incident took the life of Christian Cunningham, age 2 1/2, the son of former NFL football star – Randall Cunningham. The risk of drownings is real anytime there is a body of water or even a collection of water around small children. It is well known that children lack good judgment and lack the safety awareness that is so important in and near swimming pools, hot tubs, and other areas. Safety precautions and adult supervision are key to preventing drowning injuries from taking place. It is estimated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission that 70 % of drownings take place even though there is the presence of a parent or both parents nearby. The use of gates, barriers, alarms, and other safety devices save lives and help keep children away from or out of the zone of danger. You can read more about the dangers of hot tubs, swimming pools, and drownings at The Sad Facts and Circumstances of Child Drownings.