Quick Checklist for Safety on Florida Playgrounds – Preventing Child Injuries


As a Jacksonville Florida child injury lawyer, I feel that it is my responsibility to share my experience and expertise with others not only as a lawyer but also as a safety advocate. Parents, teachers, volunteers, day care workers, and child care workers can take action to better supervise children and the playgrounds in the community. The National Program for Playground Safety is a non profit organization that promotes playground safety in Florida and other states. A Quick Checklist and other valuable tips can be accessed at the National Program for Playground Safety web site.

Unfortunately, many children are injured every year on Florida playgrounds due to defective equipment, poor maintenance, bullying, and the lack of proper supervision by adults charged with the responsibility of watching our children. If you feel that your child has been injured by negligence at a Florida playground, call a Florida child injury lawyer for advice and guidance.

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