Punta Gorda, Florida – Missing Child (Pilar Rodriguez) Case Still Open After Ten Years, Investigators Still Searching for Clues


Pilar Rodgriguez was four years old when she disappeared while in a babysitter’s care over ten years ago. The babysitter, Melissa Cooper, took the child on a two-week vacation, which was approved by the child’s father, Marco Rodriguez. They failed to return the child after the two weeks were over, and Rodriguez notified the police. When questioned, Ms. Cooper initially reported that the child had met with a tragic accident, then later accused her boyfriend, Keith Wilson, of fatally beating the child. Wilson claims to have no knowledge of what became of the girl.

Pilar has never been found, but Southwest Florida Deputies and the Charlotte County, Florida Sheriff’s Office are still looking for clues in her disappearance. Officials recently performed a search that appeared to be aimed at finding the child’s body, calling in NecroSearch International, an organization that helps law enforcement agencies find hidden graves. The search was performed at the former home of Wilson. Charlotte County, Florida Sherriff, Bill Cameron, has stated that he will not close the case until Pilar is found and those responsible for her disappearance are brought to justice.

The tenacity that Sherriff Cameron is showing in this case is commendable. Parents should be very cautious about who they allow to take care of their children. In this case, just knowing and trusting the babysitter may not have been enough, as the vacation she took Pilar on included her boyfriend as well.

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