Protecting Children at Home, Day Care Centers, and Schools – Window Guards and Falls


Children falling from windows and balconies may seem rare but these tragic events occur more frequently then you may think. In fact, falls cause approximately 2.5 million injuries, which require hospital treatment, in children 14 under. Accounting for more than 50% of those falls, are children under the age of 5-years-old. Plus, 80% of these types of accidents occur within the home.

It has been suggested by child experts that a window screen is an insufficient method to protect one’s child from falling out of a window; a child window guard would be the optimal preventative measure.

It is a parent’s primary responsibility to protect and supervise his or her child. However, even the most attentive parent can be distracted. Inevitable distractions coupled with the fact that the majority of falls occur during the time of day when children are most active (e.g., during the hours of playtime) are the main factors to support the installation of a child window guard. These factors present themselves too frequently. A parent can be watching their child, mid-afternoon, and the phone rings. The parent leaves the room to answer the phone and is gone for no more than 10 seconds. Although short in time, this duration is actually long enough to result in a terrible accident. Installing a child window guard would not only shield parents and their children from experiencing a fall, but it would also give an additional sense of security throughout the home; something every family could use. Window guards at homes, schools, day care centers, and other locations where children are present can also protect other children as well. The investment in a proper window guard system is well worth the protection it can provide to children.

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