Private Memorial Service for Aiden Patrick, Pedestrian Accident Victim – New Smyrna Beach, Florida


On Friday, July 23, dozens of mourners of Orange City Beach, Florida attended the private memorial service of 4-year-old Aiden Patrick of Deltona, Florida. Aiden was killed in a beach-driving crash on New Smyrna Beach located in Volusia County, Florida. Aiden’s parent made an emotional plea to Volusia County officials to make the beaches safer, Volusia County Council promised to make changes but did not ban beach driving. This is not the only beach-driving accident of the summer, Ellie Brand of Nottingham, England was run over by a vehicle in Daytona Beach.

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Pedestrian deaths make news headlines, especially those occurring on Florida beaches. State legislatures need to seriously consider removing vehicles from Florida beaches. If you have a question or legal issue about a Florida pedestrian accident resulting in personal injuries contact a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer for answers, advice, a consultation and legal representation.

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