Principal and Police Use Cell Phone to Bust a Student for Marijuana Possession

A recent news story showed the dangers of text messaging. You never know who you are texting.


Florida teens and parents alike are becoming text message addicts and demons. This apparently harmless activity can turn into trouble for teens as well as parents. In Concord New Hampshire, a student thought he was texting his friend about getting a “bag” or marijuana. In fact, the student was texting the principal who had confiscated the phone from the friend. The principal must have been fairly good at text messaging since the text message session went on for some time until the student agreed to meet the principal near the school for the drug deal. Police will use the text message as evidence for the criminal case. Whether you are using text messaging or e mails, be careful as to what you write and who you write to. Your next text message may be read by a curious parent, spouse, principal, police, or someone else that may cause you some problems. You can read more about the drug deal gone bad for the student at Principal Uses Cell Phone To Lure Drug Suspect To Arrest.

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