Princeton House Charter School Faces Lawsuit for Improper Restraint


The Princeton House Charter School, based out of Orlando, Florida, faces its second lawsuit that alleges the charter school abused a child under its care. The charter schools cares for students with moderate to severe autism.

The first lawsuit, based on an incident that occurred in 2008, settled. The first lawsuit alleged that 15-year-old Christopher Casto was injured by staff, as a result of the staff tackling, jumping, and sitting on him. Christopher had the mental capacity of a 5-year-old. The suit was initiated after he came home with bruises and scrapes from the incident. Carol Tucker, the school’s director, said the staff responded appropriately to “violent” behavior displayed by the student.

In the current litigation, the parents allege their 6-year-old daughter was badly bruised while being restrained by staff at the center in January and claims the girl was grabbed and dragged by staff back in November.

“Restraint” is a controversial practice used by these centers, it is the practice of physically holding students with disabilities when they act out. The new lawsuit, which was filed in federal court, centers on the use of restraint among other issues. The lawsuit alleges the girl suffered extensive bruising after a staff member pulled the child’s sweater over the back of a Rifton chair, a special wooden chair intended to support and hold students who cannot sit well on their own. Allegedly, the girl struggled and cried in an attempt to free for herself for approximately ten minutes, causing her to fall over and the chair landing on top of her. The three staff members who were present at the time of the incident were fired by the school. For more details please read Orlando charter school faces lawsuit after allegedly using unlawful retraint on 6-year-old girl.

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