Preventing Sports Related Injuries to Children – Safety Is Key In Youth Sports


In Florida, we have the benefit of great weather that allows for outdoor sports year round. This is a definite advantage of living in Florida. The weather and access to fields and outdoor play can also be a danger to children participating in sports. Many children suffer sports related injuries due to overuse injuries and the lack of needed periods of rest and relaxation both for the mind and the body. Because of the year round ability and access to participate in sports, parents and coaches alike need to keep in mind that a child athlete’s body has limits and a child athlete is at risk for injury while participating in sports and training.

A good article was posted titled 7 Tested Ways to Prevent Sports Injuries in Kids. This is a good article for parents, coaches, and league officials to read. Having a safe and healthy child at the end of the season should be the primary focus of a sports program. Winning is great but not if it is at the expense of the health or safety of a child athlete.