Preventing and Responding to Poisoning Incidents at Day Care / Child Care Centers and Elsewhere in Florida


It is well known that Florida children, especially those under the age of 5, lack the knowledge and judgment about the dangers of poisons which are part of many common household products. The ingestion of poison can result in serious child personal injuries and, in some instances, death in Florida. For day care / child care centers, homes, and other locations where children are located, it is important to keep poisons out of reach and locked up when necessary. Prevention and supervision are key factors to reducing the incidents of poisoning. When an incident takes place, it is important for child care personnel, teachers, caregivers, and supervisors of children to take immediate action. Training in the area of poison control and response are also very important to the safety, health, and well being of Florida children. The American Association of Poison Control Centers has a great web site at . You can read about local poison control centers, poison prevention, first aid, and many other important topics. A day care center, child care center, school, neighbor, camp, health care provider, business, government entity, and others may be held liable for injuries or death caused by the accidental or negligent poisoning leading to injuries and / or death to a Florida child.