Pregnant Woman Killed in Pick Up Truck Accident in Jacksonville, Florida


Despite the dangers of serious personal injury and death, people continue to ride in the back of pick up trucks in Florida and other States. In Jacksonville, Florida a pregnant women recently was killed in a pick up truck accident. Virginia Nicole Liming, age 19, was riding in the back of a pick up truck at the time of the crash. The force of the crash caused her to be ejected. Virginia was 7 months pregnant at the time of of truck accident. Both Virginia and the unborn child she was carrying died as a result of this accident. This truly is a tragic end to a young woman’s life as well as her child.

Of course, Virginia was not at fault for the truck accident itself. She was not driving. As such, she cannot be blamed for the truck accident taking place. Safer driving by the truck driver may have prevented the truck accident.

Another tragic accident involving a pick up truck also resulted in death in Jacksonville, Florida. The driver in this prior pick up truck accident was recently charged with vehicular homicide. (See Pick Up Truck Driver Charged with Crime for Deaths of Passengers in Pick Up Truck). Pick up truck accidents are especially dangerous to passengers riding in the back of the pick up trucks without restraints or other protective devices in place. The risks of ejection form the pick up truck bed are especially high. These risks often times result in serious personal injuries including head / brain injury and death.

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