Prayers at the Request of School Administrators Subject to Legal Proceedings


The Santa Rosa School District is getting publicity for a problem with school prayer. Frank Lay, who serves at Principal of Pace High School in Pace, Florida, and Robert Freeman, who serves as the School Athletic Director, are the subject of legal proceedings accusing these administrators of promoting prayer in public schools. There is a big debate over the appropriateness and legality of prayer in public schools. Proponents of prayer in school argue that prayer is a tradition, that there is a tradition of prayer in school and public events, and that nobody is harmed when a brief prayer is given. Opponents of prayer in public school argue that the United States Constitution and Florida law ban prayer in public school and that the School District should not promote a religion or any religion for that matter. It is common to see the ACLU as well as the Liberty Counsel participating in these legal matters. The ACLU generally supports a ban or prohibition of prayer in public schools while the Liberty Counsel generally supports the freedom of religion and prayer in school.

Whichever side or philosophy you support, I believe that it is important to let our court and judicial system resolve disputes of this nature. People are very passionate regarding these issues and it is the rule of law and the Constitution that should control these issues rather than politics or the political philosophy of a school administrator or parent for that matter.

You can read more about these issues at Prayer in Public Schools Debates in Santa Rosa County, Florida.

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