Pranks and Dares Can Lead to Serious Personal Injuries – Deltona, Florida Teenager (Russell Gortzig) Suffers Second Degree Burn Injuries


Teenagers often lack good judgment. In Deltona, Florida, Russell Gortzig, age 13, suffered second degree burns to his leg after a friend poured gasoline on Russell’s leg. It was reported in the Daytona Beach News Journal that Russell set the fire to impress a girl and to try to imitate a stunt shown in an online video. Originally shown on MTV, Jackass followed some actors, skateboarders, stunt men, and basically crazy people doing stunts like this. Some of the people shown in the Jackass television shows and movies were injured. Jackass, while entertaining to some, is not the example to follow for teenagers. As shown in the case of Russell Gortzig, a child can be seriously injured in an attempt to complete a stunt. You can read about the injuries to Russell Gortzig at Teen Burned After Friend Pours Gasoline on his Leg in Volusia County, Florida.