Postings on Facebook Could Get You Fired – Teen Fired in England for Posting that the Job was “Boring”


Facebook is a popular social networking website for teens and adults alike. People should be aware that your employers look at Facebook as well. As such, you should be careful as to what you post. Otherwise, you could get into trouble at work and even lose your job. Kimberly Swann, a 16 year old British girl, found this out the hard way. She had a job at Ivell Marketing and Logistics in Clacton, England. She posted that her job was boring on her Facebook page. While she did not name her employer directly, it appears that she only had one job and was bored with her job. Her supervisor / administrator read the post and decided to terminate Kimberly Swann from her “boring job”. In this economy, I would recommend that you refrain from commenting on your job on Facebook and other websites. Otherwise, you could end up losing your job and faced with the challenge of finding a new one on in this very troubled economy. You can read more about the Kimberly Swann story at British Girl Loses Job for Posting that Job Was Boring on Facebook.

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