Poor Sportsmanship Can Lead to Injuries – Jets Coach Trips Miami Dolphins Player


In youth sports, coaches and parents should stress good sportsmanship and safety. There are plenty of good examples of sportsmanship in professional sports. Then again, there are a number of examples of poor sportsmanship in professional sports. Some incidents are captured on video and some are not. The Miami Dolphins recently played the New York Jets. On a punt play, Miami Dolphins player – Nolan Carroll – was tripped by the New York Jets’ strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi. As Carroll was running down the sideline, Coach Alosi leaned in an tripped Carroll. The play and the lapse of good judgment was captured on video. While Coach Alosi apologized for his bad behavior and judgment, the NFL could take action against this coach who set a really bad example on national television. What does this teach are young athletes? Would Coach Alosi have admitted to the incident if it was not on video? Was the play that important that Alosi had to trip the player? While Carroll was out of bounds at the time of the incident, this was not excuse for Alosi to trip the player which could have easily caused a serious career ending injury. You can see the video at Jets Coach Trips Dolphins Player During Game.

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