Poor Sportsmanship Can Cost You . . . Teaching Lesson for Our Children


Poor sportsmanship can cost you . . . it also sets a bad example for children who look up to professional athletes and coaches as role models. When a person gets paid to play or paid to coach, there is not only an expectation to perform but there is also a responsibility (at least a moral one) to serve a good role model or ambassador of the sports for children. The New York Jets Strength Coach – Sal Alosi – was recently fined $25,000 and suspended from his team for the well publicized move of tripping Miami Dolphins player Nolan Carroll. Coach Alosi stated that he “wasn’t thinking” when he tripped Nolan Carroll. That’s an understatement. Anyway, youth coaches should use this film and incident as a teaching lesson for children. The object of the game should not be to trip and harm the other players and team. See NFL Suspends Coach Sal Alosi for Rest of the Season.

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