Poor Sportsmanship Can Be Costly for a Team – $100,000 Fine


The trip seen around the world . . . . This could refer to the actions of Sal Alosi who was working as the strength coach for the New York Jets of the NFL. During a 2010 game with the Miami Dolphins, Coach Alosi learned into a player and deliberately tripped the player. At least, Coach Alosi quickly admitted to the wrongful conduct. Thereafter, he was suspended and fines were imposed for this conduct that has been played over and over on television and on the Internet. Coaches can use this incident as a teaching tool to players and parents alike. Sportsmanship is an element in professional as well as youth sports that is often times ignored or placed in the back seat to the goal of winning or getting that extra competitive edge. Parents should keep in mind that playing in youth sports is more of an education and experience rather than a means to play college or professional level sports. Coaches and parents have a unique ability to mold the minds and actions of children through organized sports. Keep sportsmanship and life lessons in mind at all times.

The New York Jets were fined $100,000 by the league for Coach Alosi’s trip that has been seen around the world. This was one expensive lesson learned about sportsmanship in professional sports. See NFL Fines Jets $100, 000 Over Coach Who Tripped Dolphins’ Player.